Modern Window Curtains

Welcome to another episode of galaxy  design window treatments designed by you  today I’m here in in the Valley area and  these clients of mine are Emma and Lila  who were recommended by another client  in the neighborhood they have a  beautiful home they just purchased it  they’re also still newly weds and they  came into our showroom inquiring about  some window treatments so it was really  really simple the first step that we did  was just showing him all the designs  that were available and they picked out  the design day they wanted it and then  the second step was to go ahead and pick  out the fabrics that they wanted it.

So I  just showed him the fabric said they  were available and they picked up the  one they felt the most comfortable wet  they have their measurements already in  that in their hand which is the third  step and here we are installing it for  them so it’s really as simple as that  the guys have gotten started I like to  go ahead and show you how things are  coming about so why don’t you follow me  in let’s go and see how things are going  so Lila thank you again and I know that  you came to our showroom and you were we were recommended by someone who was at  my cousin flora okay wonderful and so how was the experience for you you know .

When you met up with us and you had  designs to choose from  and what was the experience like it was  great it was very easy for us to choose  because you made it so simple and it was  just everything was just perfect okay  wonderful  you went throughout the style and what  we wanted and you answered every  question we had beautiful and I see the  colors that you chose were beautiful  they look phenomenal yeah this is  exactly what we look we look forward to  when we’re doing it you know we’ll call  it window treatments designed by you you  would want to actually created this  whole thing and so we’re here we are you  know we’re mounting it up for you and so  how do you like the overall finish you  love it I love it and I recommend  everyone that needs to get window  treatment to look at okay great thank  you so much thank you.

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